Architectural Acoustics technology book

■ Concert halls (The guide book of acoustic design)
■ Music halls / theaters / cinemas
■ Planning data of multi-purpose halls
■ Theaters
■ Quality and selection of materials for architectural acoustics
■ Environmental noise / measurement of architectural acoustics

■ Planning data of sound insulation for buildings
■ Site of New National Theatre (Japan)
■ Trouble of construction and sound
■ Opera houses
■ Handbook of Environmental Design
■ Acoustic Design
■ Modeling and Sound
■ When sound occurs in hall
■ Noise Insulation of Architecture

■ The sports event exhibit hall without columns
■ Sports facilities Acoustic design manual
■ Theater Workshop-Theater Expectation
■ Concert hall and Opera house
■ A case of architectural acoustic design of Universal Arts Center(UAC) Remodeling
■ A case of architectural acoustic design of the hall.