Acoustic Measurement and Evaluation

■ Measureing and inspecting result of architectural
acoustic design and construction

■ Comparing with acoustic simulation result,
analyse as research data


DevicesAnalyzerB&KDIRAC v.4.1Measuring System
nondirectional MicrophoneAKGCK32Sound Pick Up
bidirectional MicrophoneAKGC 414 XLSSound Pick Up
Microphone NeckAKGGN15HTSound Pick Up
Wireless Microphone SystemAKGSR4000Sound Pick Up
audio interfaceM-AudiomobilepreTransit to Digital Signal
Dodecahedron Speaker-Sound source
Power AmplifierInterMCL-15Speaker Amplifier
Notebook PCSONYPCG-6SAPProcessing and recording
Sound Level MeterRIONNL-52Measurement of SPL
Sound Level MeterRIONNL-10AMeasurement of SPL
Analysis ProgramArchitecture Acoustic and Noise Prediction simulationOdeon (Denmark)ODEON 4.21Predicting acoustic condition of inner space
ODEON 10.0
CATT-Acoustic (Sweden)CATT 8.0
Sound insulation level simulationMarshall-day Acoustic (New Zealand)InsulPrediction of sound insulation level due to material
Sound absorption level simulationZorbaPrediction of sound absorption level due to absorbing method