Based on creating valuable spaces, has provided expertise in related projects of architectural acoustics as a professional consulting company. We focus on making buildings acoustically excellent with our speciallized design, execution and estimation. Therefore, our high goal is to build valuable spaces with “Knowledge, Creativity and Skills”. We will grow forward future advanced to introduce developed new technique constatntly and cooperate closely with leading architects whole over the world.

Samsun Engineering is specializing in archiectural acoustic consulting(design, execution and estimation)
and interior design. We provide purpose-built buildings such as Performing facilities (concert halls, opera theaters,
performing arts centers for drama, and cinemas), gymnasia, religious facilities and exhibition facilities, and a variety
of buildings which require interior design, with
consulting of architectural acoustic parts and full design.

We provide clients and architects with overall and functional plan, design, execution and estimation for new and refurbished facilities.